Crolon Mars "$CLMRS" Breaking Records


By Rugmunchertoken

Posted on June 26, 2022


Crolon Mars (CLMRS) is not even 2 weeks old, but is already causing a sitr within the Cronos space. Early holders are working together and doing their best to help, while new investors are onboarded and supported. 

A very good start in what is a volatile market at the moment.

To boldly go where no other coin has gone before, beyond the moon, to Mars.

Space X has aspirations of taking humans to Mars by 2024, this would be an uncrewed mission of course. We aim to land Cromanians on MetaMars long before that. We want to create an experience that will not only entertain but also amaze users. An alternative virtual planet where people can interact, compete and socialise with others around the world in the comfort of your home or habitat. 

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