SNAFU Elite is here to give back to the veteran community, donations already underway


By Rugmunchertoken

Posted on June 26, 2022


SNAFU_EliteToken was developed on the Binance Smart chain and is aimed to give back to the veteran communities globally by providing financial quarterly donations that serve our veterans that are in need. While at the same time giving the investors a reason to be a part of this true purpose project using an interchangeable rewards with staking and farming availability to fill their portfolio with passive income rewards.

Crypto currency is a powerful tool that SNAFU_Elite intends to use to help and educate veterans globally by providing donations to charities, creating a global platform, and start building the foundation to be a Self-Sustaining Charity and we will continuously be looking for new ways to help the veteran communities and SNAFU_Elite’s investors!

The Mission

• The main mission of SNAFU_Elite is to give back to the veteran community one day at a time 

• To serve veterans that have physical and mental disabilities from time in service 

• Also, we are going to be giving back to direct family members of to whom have served.

How it started

SSgt David Murray, founder spent 12 years in the Marine Corps where I was medically retired from injuries that kept me from continuing my service. Since my released of time in service I have experienced many obstacles that kept me from going forward in life. First marriage was torn apart from my issues that I wanted to keep to myself, and I went to the one thing that made me feel better – or I thought. Drinking got worse as the years went on and was starting to destroy my marriage, family, and work. I got arrested while traveling for work that was alcohol related (which I was hiding). After I was bailed out, I decided to take measures that was needed to ensure the well-being of myself. So, I decided to check myself in rehab – while I was doing what needed to be done, I also wanted to give back and help veterans overcome the obstacles they are facing or just need some help and that’s when the project SNAFU_Elite was founded. Since my road of recovery, I am now 12 months sober and receive treatment that I refused to accept in the past and if we can give back one day at a time with something that seems so little at times will come with greatness and true purpose from the crypto world.

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